About us

The Marine Technology Service (SITMA) is a research support service set up by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and managed by the Canarian Science and Technology Park Foundation (FCPCT) since February 2016. It is aimed at supporting the scientific activity of at least 8 Research Groups and 3 University Institutes in terms of infrastructure and technical assistance.

SITMA also aims to serve as a platform to provide external users with a wide range of services in fields such as Oceanography (physical, chemical and biological), Marine Biogeochemistry and Marine Ecology/‌Biology, as well as Marine Technology (robotics and sensorics). It is also notable for its capability with respect to real-time use of multi-source marine meteorological data for marine environmental control (support for fishing activities, monitoring of polluting spills and anomalous marine events, such as potentially harmful plankton blooms, etc.).